edpdiver: 01_IMG_0928 Grand Floridian lobby
edpdiver: 02_IMG_0991 on the Boardwalk with the Beach Club in the background
edpdiver: 03_IMG_0989 Bellvue Lounge in the Boardwalk Inn
edpdiver: 04_IMG_0688 parade at Magic Kingdom
edpdiver: 05_IMG_0998 Wishes fireworks at the Magic Kingdom at Disneyworld
edpdiver: 06_IMG_1008 Wishes fireworks show in the Magic Kingdom
edpdiver: 07_IMG_1009
edpdiver: 08_IMG_1010
edpdiver: 09_IMG_1016
edpdiver: 10_IMG_0719
edpdiver: 11_IMG_0726
edpdiver: 12_IMG_0741
edpdiver: 13_IMG_0804
edpdiver: 14_IMG_0842
edpdiver: 15_IMG_0812
edpdiver: 16_IMG_0829
edpdiver: 17_IMG_0870
edpdiver: 18_IMG_0871
edpdiver: 19_IMG_0882_adj2
edpdiver: 20_IMG_0881
edpdiver: 21_IMG_0895
edpdiver: 22_IMG_0702
edpdiver: 23_IMG_0925
edpdiver: 24_IMG_0899 Baobab tree on Kilimanjaro Safari attraction in Disneyworld
edpdiver: 25_IMG_0938
edpdiver: 26_IMG_0941
edpdiver: 27_IMG_1021 View from room 4304 at the Grand Floridian
edpdiver: 28_IMG_1024