edpdiver: P1000042
edpdiver: P1000052
edpdiver: P1000054
edpdiver: P1000055 pool and bar at Manihi Pearl Resort
edpdiver: P1000056 grounds at the Manihi Pearl Resort
edpdiver: P1000057 interior of our bungalow in Manihi
edpdiver: P1000058 view from our patio in Manihi
edpdiver: P1000059
edpdiver: P1000065 beach in front of our bungalow in Manihi
edpdiver: P1000066 restaurant at Manihi Pearl
edpdiver: P1000067 Anne at pool - Manihi Pearl
edpdiver: P1000068 infinity pool at Manihi Pearl Resort
edpdiver: P1000070 view from our window in Bora Bora
edpdiver: P1000074 Bora Bora vista
edpdiver: P1000075 view from our bungalow at Bora Bora Pearl
edpdiver: P1000086 Bora Bora Pearl room
edpdiver: P1000089 view from our bungalow
edpdiver: P1000093 our bungalow
edpdiver: P1000094 bar/restaurant
edpdiver: P1000101 pool and bar/restaurant
edpdiver: P1000104 quintessential view of a Bora Bora beach
edpdiver: P1000106 our bungalow at the Bora Bora Pearl Resort
edpdiver: P1000107 bora bora beach
edpdiver: P1000109
edpdiver: P1000111
edpdiver: P1000116
edpdiver: P1000123
edpdiver: P1000125
edpdiver: P1000129 too pretty
edpdiver: P1000133 interesting sign on bathroom door