edpdiver: 001_adj_DSC5146 sweetlips and glass sweepers
edpdiver: 006_adj_DSC5421 Mandarin fish
edpdiver: 010_adj_DSC5511 lots o' fish
edpdiver: 011_adj_DSC5570 wall dive
edpdiver: 015_adj_DSC6101 beautiful shallow reef in Raja Ampat
edpdiver: 013_adj_DSC5619 Mike's Point dive site
edpdiver: 002_adj_DSC5153 fish blender
edpdiver: 034_adj_DSC5666 gorgeous hawkfish
edpdiver: 003_adj_DSC5261 geometric hard coral in Raja Ampat
edpdiver: 004_adj_DSC5274
edpdiver: 005_adj_DSC5345
edpdiver: 016_adj_DSC5425 Mandarin fish
edpdiver: 018_adj_DSC5138 sweetlips in formation with glass sweepers
edpdiver: 020_adj_DSC5306 sweetlips
edpdiver: 019_adj_DSC5325 fusiliers
edpdiver: 021_adj_DSC5331 stream of fish
edpdiver: 029_adj_DSC5662 longnose hawkfish
edpdiver: 030_adj_DSC5686 a cool "pop-up" blenny
edpdiver: 032_adj_DSC5779 beautiful hard corals in Raja Ampat
edpdiver: 014_adj_DSC5230 sea snake
edpdiver: 022_adj_DSC5347 fish arc
edpdiver: 007_adj_DSC5465 signal goby
edpdiver: 028_adj_DSC5655 a very tiny shrimp
edpdiver: 008_adj_DSC5488 sweepers
edpdiver: 009_adj_DSC5490 sweepers
edpdiver: 012_adj_DSC5603 cuttlefish
edpdiver: 017_adj_DSC5791
edpdiver: 027_adj_DSC5271 yet more Mike's Point
edpdiver: 023_adj_DSC5273 more Mike's Point
edpdiver: 024_adj_DSC5509