edpdiver: 01 queens front quad DCP_1033
edpdiver: 02 queens back quad DCP_1035
edpdiver: 03 queens back quad statues DCP_1036
edpdiver: 04 queens view across street DCP_1034
edpdiver: 05 science plaque boyle and hooke DCP_1032
edpdiver: 06 magdalene cs lewis plaque DCP_1030
edpdiver: 07 view st ann DCP_1086
edpdiver: 08 view st ann DCP_1090
edpdiver: 09 radcliffe square st ann stairwell DCP_1094
edpdiver: 10 view st ann DCP_1083
edpdiver: 11 bridge of sighs DCP_1060
edpdiver: 12 building statues wadham college DCP_1063
edpdiver: 13 building statues DCP_1061
edpdiver: 14 cathedral DCP_1056
edpdiver: 15 cathedral DCP_1064
edpdiver: 16 cathedral DCP_1065
edpdiver: 16 cathedral DCP_1069
edpdiver: 17 magdalene chapel DCP_1028
edpdiver: 18 street DCP_1059
edpdiver: 19 street DCP_1116
edpdiver: 20 martyr's graveyard DCP_1048
edpdiver: 21 Magdalene from street DCP_1025
edpdiver: 22 magdalene garden DCP_1031
edpdiver: 23 new college garden DCP_1107
edpdiver: 24 new college DCP_1115
edpdiver: 25 queens arch back quad DCP_1023
edpdiver: 26 museum egyptian wall DCP_1050
edpdiver: 26 trinity lawn DCP_1070
edpdiver: 27 radcliffe square all souls quad DCP_1100
edpdiver: 28 radcliffe square bodleyan library cathedral DCP_1045