E.K.111: Autumn colors
E.K.111: The village grocery store
E.K.111: Deserted in the Wilderness
E.K.111: Dog in Fog
E.K.111: Autumn's Tricolor
E.K.111: Wet day
E.K.111: Vacation at the Red Sea
E.K.111: Ninh Binh, Pano
E.K.111: Sunset
E.K.111: Ninh Binh, Vietnam
E.K.111: Misty morning
E.K.111: Energy of People
E.K.111: Rooster on the hill
E.K.111: Dream Vacations
E.K.111: The Tetons at twilight
E.K.111: Early morning myst
E.K.111: A rare glimpse of sun on a stormy day
E.K.111: Zoom on the Witch Doctor
E.K.111: River Curve, Grand Teton
E.K.111: Romantic moments to be remembered
E.K.111: Motion
E.K.111: White & Yellow at Lamar Valley
E.K.111: Colorful Coconut Bowls
E.K.111: Hmong Villages, Sapa, North Vietnam
E.K.111: Foggy Trail in North Vietnam
E.K.111: Foggy Ma Tra Village of Hmong Minority
E.K.111: Nature's Statues
E.K.111: Hell's Kitchen, Coc Ly Market, North Vietnam
E.K.111: Ma Tra Village of Hmong Minority, Panorama
E.K.111: Sapa Mountains, North Vietnam, Pano