E.K.111: Joyful sunny day in Antarctica
E.K.111: Kings with an impressive backyard
E.K.111: Color stripes of mother nature
E.K.111: Majestic scenery at Lemaire Channel, Antarctica
E.K.111: Welcome to my home guys...
E.K.111: Penguin's aerosol, taken prior to COVID 19 eruption... (-:
E.K.111: Cheerful afternoon at Fortuna Bay, South Georgia
E.K.111: White Mountains, Blue sky: summer in Antarctica
E.K.111: Dramatic landscape at the Antarctic Sound
E.K.111: Farewell to Antarctica
E.K.111: South Georgia shoreline, Pano
E.K.111: Entrance to Lemaire Channel, Antarctica
E.K.111: Nature taking over Man's destruction
E.K.111: A "warm" summer day in Antarctica
E.K.111: Sunny morning at South Georgia
E.K.111: He guys! some visitors arrived!
E.K.111: The frozen continent
E.K.111: Scenic ride at the Hidden Bay, Antarctica
E.K.111: Penguin's ocean dance
E.K.111: Mystic morning at the edge of the world
E.K.111: Drygalski Fjord, South Georgia. Explored!!!
E.K.111: Queuing for the ship
E.K.111: Pano of Drygalski Fjord, South Georgia
E.K.111: Tender Loving Care
E.K.111: Antarctic Twilight time
E.K.111: Foggy shorelines
E.K.111: Colony on the hill
E.K.111: Sunny Fortuna Bay, South Georgia
E.K.111: Sleepy seal in Antarctica
E.K.111: Sandy windy beach