Claudio ©: Verticales
Claudio ©: Walker
eyetwist: thunderchief. edwards afb, ca. 2012.
tahewitt: untitled
Phil Sharp.: Rosie Ann Kellett
Phil Sharp.: Nina Yndis
elsvo: If I had a hammer
Garry Cliff: Box Lines
quadobtus: N0026965-2
quadobtus: N0027665-2
Historystack: Cast of a Sahelanthropus tchadensis skull
Thomas Hawk: On the Go
Despina Titoni: Side effects of being in love
*ines_maria: ...introverted...
reiko_robinami: Sign of rain
BE▲UD●IN: San Antonio, 2014
Thomas Hawk: Who Knows How Long I've Loved You
John H Morrell: Winter Is Here Again