eeblet: red
eeblet: seam
eeblet: the living and the dead
eeblet: wintry
eeblet: have a berry happy Thanksgiving
eeblet: southerly light
eeblet: almost winter
eeblet: that time of year, I suppose
eeblet: autumnal
eeblet: velvets
eeblet: morning
eeblet: afternoon light
eeblet: from the bog
eeblet: a moment
eeblet: slight indent
eeblet: hello, Oakland
eeblet: autumnal remnants
eeblet: latch
eeblet: a new day
eeblet: It's been an intense week....
eeblet: open hand
eeblet: x marks the spot
eeblet: day after
eeblet: spooky
eeblet: playing
eeblet: outage 2
eeblet: outage
eeblet: guitarra
eeblet: seam
eeblet: drawing of my feet