Fabiane J: Sunrise in the Misty Valley - Sul de Minas - MG - Brazil
jssteak: land of goliath
Laura Jacobsen: Passage I
Ted Holm Photography: A lighthouse stands tall against a vibrant sunset, with a fence running gracefully towards the ocean's edge.
Wim van de Meerendonk, back home!: A watchful neighbour
DazaT: Barmouth
alexharbige.co.uk: when every street light looks the same
alexharbige.co.uk: sitting in the darkness
Paul Sisul: Pike Place Market Seattle
Valerio Seveso: Disgelo in Valmalenco
Mike Keller Photo: Sharps Island Lighthouse- Chesapeake Bay
Mike Keller Photo: White Sands National Park- New Mexico
Renee's Moment: Icelandic Village (EXPLORED)
Paul Sisul: Newport Oregon Bay Front
Ted Holm Photography: As the sun sets in a blaze of colors, waves break gently on the beach, casting a golden glow over the shoreline.
Maureen Bond: landscape garden
remo.daut: Faroe Islands
Wim van de Meerendonk, back home!: Early morning at smoggy Begnas lake (in Explore 17-06-2024)
Fabrizio Massetti: The scenery
cbonney: May 23, 2024 0004
Heiko Röbke: highATT!
Paddy O: Fauntleroy Ferry Dock, West Seattle
Edd Allen: Spotlight
Travel by ubuc: Switzerland
ramon.1136: Estany de Puigcerdà
ramon.1136: Boats on the small lake