Wim van de Meerendonk, back home!: Hopfensee with view on German Alpes
Ted Holm Photography: Golden sand absorbs the sun's farewell glow as waves whisper secrets under the painted sky
mauro sassetti ( leowincy ): autunno nel bosco #2 - autumn in the woods #2
mauro sassetti ( leowincy ): autunno nel bosco 3 - autumn in the woods 3
Laura Jacobsen: Neist Point
Laura Jacobsen: Quiraing
david.hogan7: Breaking through
張麗芬 bibi.barbie: 大崙山觀光茶園
Kari Siren: Living near nature
Ted Holm Photography: Endless highway whispers beneath the wheels, leading to majestic mountains on the horizon.
Edd Allen: Differ
Dyrk.Wyst: above the trouble
Edd Allen: Lay Bare
James_D_Images: Big finish
Gene Trent: Autumn leaves-0000512
Wim van de Meerendonk, back home!: Autumn ending (In Explore 02-12-2023)
Edd Allen: Less Trodden
david.hogan7: Myopia
remo.daut: Lofoten
Fabrizio Massetti: Pink morning
Lҽoɳoɾa: Strike a chord
Kari Siren: Winter tightens its grip
Ted Holm Photography: In the ethereal embrace of morning fog, a bird's nest perches delicately, shrouded in a soft veil of mystery.
pimontes: Encontrar el momento
yasserbrunei: 2023-11-26_01-39-39
Kari Siren: Shadows
david.hogan7: Strike a pose
Ted Holm Photography: Yosemite, where auburn and snow meet, a dream serene.
Kari Siren: Figures on the freezing ice
Paul Sisul: Oregon Coast Seal Rock Beach