e³°°°: Minerva in the evening, quay Antwerp
e³°°°: two disciplined green persons, looking at the church-clock cause they are tired to stand there all those years
e³°°°: it was a long conversation but at the end we didn't eat
e³°°°: towers of petrochemistry, Antwerp
e³°°°: Antwerp meetup : the wicked attack of the giant spermatozoids
e³°°°: twilight of the saints
e³°°°: Antwerp meetup : the discovery of Irma
e³°°°: quay of the Scheldt, Antwerp, october 15th
e³°°°: Hitchcock aan de Schelde, Antwerp
e³°°°: Antwerp meetup : worship the cross & you 'll see the light
e³°°°: den ooievaar. / the stork.
e³°°°: art nouveau dragonfly
e³°°°: stoned belle epoque queen
e³°°°: Antwerp. Railway station.
e³°°°: Gothic Antwerp, 21.23 pm
e³°°°: William Lawson kilt lover
e³°°°: Antwerp. The railway cathedral.
e³°°°: The perplexity of hybris. So glorify yourself.
e³°°°: Antwerp : wheels, glass, pillar.
e³°°°: Nice people with strings
e³°°°: the prophecy / skulls & bones.
e³°°°: Close encounters of a third kind
e³°°°: The beauty and the beast : windmill vs nuclear power station
e³°°°: Mesmerized in sorrow
e³°°°: A precious Canadian/Indian & Japanese smile
e³°°°: Murga Parade : group POM o' dorie
e³°°°: Just married
e³°°°: Martini girl, illuminated by the sunset
e³°°°: Everything 's gone green
e³°°°: Smiling Morganette ("To Life, Love and Loot")