e³°°°: Sarah and the bottle tree
e³°°°: Sarah
e³°°°: A portrait of my daughter.
e³°°°: the sun loves Sarah
e³°°°: study of my daughter, studying
e³°°°: b&w blondinka
e³°°°: Sarahhenna
e³°°°: Tunnel vision
e³°°°: Sarah, with henna
e³°°°: my daughter as a model in sunny backlight
e³°°°: Polka.dot.blonde.
e³°°°: Sarah will help me to reach the 13.000.000
e³°°°: Autumn light
e³°°°: A profile of my daughter
e³°°°: The sun worships my daughter
e³°°°: Sarah3000
e³°°°: Sarah3000
e³°°°: Tunnel vision pt II
e³°°°: wheat kveite psenica Weizen weeze tritico triticum Пшеница + girl
e³°°°: Fight and smile your demons
e³°°°: La fille colombophile
e³°°°: Sarah 3K winter portraiture
e³°°°: Sarah wintershooting - heavenly X-mas to all of you !!
e³°°°: Fun in the sun with dahlia's
e³°°°: Sarah
e³°°°: from the left to the right : wife, daughter
e³°°°: Dahlia lady Sarah
e³°°°: the dahlia garden, part IV
e³°°°: Sarah, winter portrait.
e³°°°: Sarah 3000