e³°°°: Virginia & Romy, Piazza Duomo, Milano
e³°°°: blonde Clarinda, yellow bokeh
e³°°°: Joyce & Lisa
e³°°°: second magic meeting.
e³°°°: daydreaming with black tourmaline
e³°°°: fascino Italiano di A.
e³°°°: Hannah
e³°°°: Sarah + Dahlia
e³°°°: € L i $ @ b € th
e³°°°: the day my winning lottery ticket was lost
e³°°°: dreaming child
e³°°°: Smiling (but not at me) : Miss Belgian Beauty 2007
e³°°°: Du Caju (miss Belgian Beauty 2006)
e³°°°: daydreaming
e³°°°: hypnotised
e³°°°: digitalised
e³°°°: happy birthday!
e³°°°: the sorceress
e³°°°: selfportait with my son, carrying boxes
e³°°°: mother & child
e³°°°: € £ $
e³°°°: Graphium leonidas & Sarah lovaniensis
e³°°°: do you like a glass of water?
e³°°°: Flower meet and greet
e³°°°: the charm of Wendy B.
e³°°°: the eyes of Tessa D.
e³°°°: the smile of Nathalie C.
e³°°°: Nele & Sarah. Two blondes have more fun
e³°°°: Autosalon Brussels : two recent Fiat models