e³°°°: Silence, strangling the deceased
e³°°°: Sub specie aeternitatis.
e³°°°: Un combattant de la grande guerre.
e³°°°: Sint-Romboutskathedraal, Mechelen
e³°°°: requiem for abandoned souls
e³°°°: devil, defending the holy seat
e³°°°: the last judgement, cathedral of Antwerp
e³°°°: it was a long conversation but at the end we did shake hands
e³°°°: God, chasing away Adam & Eve out of Paradise
e³°°°: to the unknown soldier
e³°°°: frozen.
e³°°°: de profundis / the depths of sorrow
e³°°°: Everything corrodes. Everything dies.
e³°°°: The suffering of Christ : (1.crucifixion 2.resurrection) 3:amputation
e³°°°: Loosing my religion
e³°°°: Enigma of the absolute
e³°°°: Hortus conclusus / Enclosed garden. Mechelen, ca.1520-1530
e³°°°: RIP. Routing Information Protocol. Requiescat In Pace. Remain In Position.
e³°°°: Mouldering the forlorned
e³°°°: Some day, i'll bring you flowers, frozen flowers of death.
e³°°°: Our Lady of the Holy Craquelure
e³°°°: Into the darkness, blindly
e³°°°: This vale of tears
e³°°°: Lasciatemi morire
e³°°°: SCHE RS ENIERS / missing parts, lost family members
e³°°°: Beyond all consolation
e³°°°: Love is colder than death / the spider who came in from the cold
e³°°°: Tales from the crypt
e³°°°: In memoriam Fieke 2007 - 2009
e³°°°: the prophecy / skulls & bones.