e³°°°: sparrow twins
e³°°°: Toad story
e³°°°: to catch a Bavarian mouse
e³°°°: Aliens, moving North
e³°°°: Seven weeks innocence
e³°°°: Common barn owl with tasty dinner
e³°°°: A saker falcon with very strong lenses
e³°°°: the long road of a lost caterpillar in a minimal world without food
e³°°°: On friday, he used to eat fish
e³°°°: Meet the fisherman
e³°°°: the heart of the matter
e³°°°: Fieke 3000
e³°°°: Fred da Housecat - If looks could kill the mouse was probably dead
e³°°°: an upside down European rhinoceros beetle / neushoornkever / Nashornkäfer / Oryctes nasicornis
e³°°°: raising a very young sparrow - another roof victim
e³°°°: European rhino beetle taking a walk on a concrete mixer
e³°°°: selfportrait with cock-chafer / zelfportret met meikever
e³°°°: Sparrowhawk with feather of a bird that seems to be very dead.
e³°°°: Her majesty the empress, ovipositioning. My pond, her empire
e³°°°: Tales of the secret dragonfly Kamasutra
e³°°°: Lullaby for the libellula
e³°°°: Anax imperator, resting on a painted piece of wood
e³°°°: Weltschmerz of the yellow mongoose
e³°°°: Atlantis / Atlantikwall
e³°°°: don't mess with the yellow mongoose
e³°°°: Our little sparrow, taken from the backside, at last he's getting fatter and stronger
e³°°°: Kiss me badly...
e³°°°: Monkey fruit
e³°°°: Noblesse (oblige)
e³°°°: Glass artist and serial killer