Dave2638: Doubler Stones, Ilkley Moor
Dave2638: Caught in the evening glow
Dave2638: Dew Stones
Dave2638: After the storm
Dave2638: Stream running through the woods
Dave2638: Storm and Rainbow over Cowling
Dave2638: Sunset from the Pinnacle
Dave2638: Snowstorm approaching
Dave2638: Elongated Shadows
Dave2638: Winter Walk
Dave2638: Enjoying the inversion
Dave2638: Snowfall in Yorkshire
Dave2638: Snowfall over Keighley Tarn
Dave2638: Christmas at Haworth
Dave2638: The old and the new
Dave2638: Damems Signalbox
Dave2638: Through the portal
Dave2638: Sunrise in Thornton
Dave2638: Sun setting from Almscliff Crags
Dave2638: Panopticon at sunset
Dave2638: Moon light
Dave2638: Autumn colours on the Leeds Liverpool canal
Dave2638: Rainbow over Gargrave
Dave2638: Janets Foss falls
Dave2638: The last of the light
Dave2638: Embsay double rainbow
Dave2638: 171-GoitStockRobin-201007.jpg
Dave2638: Whitby at sunset
Dave2638: From a railway carriage
Dave2638: Scaleber Force falls