rossomoto: bicycle ride today
rossomoto: Golden morning on Garda's lake
rossomoto: never really alone
rossomoto: Beauty is everywhere
rossomoto: The flow
rossomoto: Passo fittanze
rossomoto: not quite ready
rossomoto: remembering that day
rossomoto: dreaming of flying
rossomoto: Lush
rossomoto: FUCK!
rossomoto: shape and texture
rossomoto: new app 😁
rossomoto: abstract
rossomoto: caustic light
rossomoto: Abetone
rossomoto: random stuff that caught my eyes
rossomoto: Val di Fumo (reprocessed)
rossomoto: Reprocessed
rossomoto: Sadden
rossomoto: And now for something completely different.
rossomoto: Untitled
rossomoto: shapes on the rocks :) :)
rossomoto: Dreamy, courtesy of cheap lens :)
rossomoto: looking down, dreaming.
rossomoto: Better in hires: abstraction
rossomoto: low key
rossomoto: Borderline chaos
rossomoto: Life: rough and defiant
rossomoto: Untitled: random trees