rossomoto: Teen Wall art
rossomoto: Swan song
rossomoto: Silphium laciniatum (after Karl Blossfeldt)
rossomoto: Polaster....
rossomoto: Life on mars :)
rossomoto: Quasi-abstract black&white
rossomoto: Lockdown photography, I guess...
rossomoto: Lessinia landscape
rossomoto: The lonely fence
rossomoto: Lessinia
rossomoto: Lessinia
rossomoto: pear in aluminum foil in the kitchen sink
rossomoto: Monte Zugna
rossomoto: shooting from the hip
rossomoto: little drawing exercise, great fun 😁😁😁
rossomoto: lemon - green
rossomoto: lemon - orange
rossomoto: some beverage required
rossomoto: capasantas
rossomoto: BBT
rossomoto: The red umbrella
rossomoto: Ruina Dantesca
rossomoto: beauty and decay
rossomoto: sunset geometries
rossomoto: fighting geometries in my bathroom
rossomoto: exercise in color subtleness
rossomoto: looking down
rossomoto: where's the flux?
rossomoto: From a Man Ray's photo
rossomoto: Julia