deaMax: Ice in the air.
deaMax: Icicles and their shadows
deaMax: Happy Valentines Day
deaMax: Frosted window drama
deaMax: Making
deaMax: Shed
deaMax: Promoting his favorite product
deaMax: Inside the blue dumpster.
deaMax: Wreath
deaMax: Teasels
deaMax: Lethal
deaMax: Lamp
deaMax: Shadow play
deaMax: Curtain wall
deaMax: Fall snow
deaMax: Blowing snow
deaMax: First snow
deaMax: Dot Cheeked European Tree Sparrows
deaMax: Lil Bit. A bag of flour in the baking cupboard
deaMax: Lacy
deaMax: Corn field
deaMax: Corn
deaMax: No caboose. Buckwheat in the field. Hopper cars. Today.
deaMax: Homestead
deaMax: The corn still stands
deaMax: Fall
deaMax: Harvest
deaMax: Deer
deaMax: Snow puffs
deaMax: Snow patterns