Dave Glass . foto: San Francisco, 1981
Dave Glass . foto: Veterans day parade, San Francisco
Dave Glass . foto: San Francisco 1987
Dave Glass . foto: San Francisco 1989
minions & myrmidons: invisible gods
eyetwist: ave 26. venice beach, ca. 2019.
Norby: Can't stop the comet
Norby: Cobblestone Street
abbyladybug: Great light on the porch tonight.
minka6: Minka. Ok. Last photo for a while, it’s just hard to stop
aongarcia: Most hideous man award
Michael Horsley: Truck Artcraft Neon Sign Yard
Michael Horsley: Homeless Couple 14th and P Streets NW
jody9: rhyolite, nevada at sunset
Dave Glass . foto: Oakland, California 1988
heidi engel: Back to Santa Cruz
mackerel*Sky: October fires
Frank Eleveld: Sólheimasandur DC-3
Life_After_Death - Shannon Renshaw: In Memoriam: Rest In Peace, Sweet Hattie ( ~25 Years Old)
Adam Chin: Train Dreams
HossyGossy: in the beginning we told each secrets