www.davidrosenphotography.com: Spaceship | Valencia Science Park
www.davidrosenphotography.com: Walk in Kvernfoss Iceland
www.davidrosenphotography.com: Spaceship Structure | Canary Wharf, London
www.davidrosenphotography.com: Pond by Seven Sisters | Seaford, Kent
www.davidrosenphotography.com: Office buildings | Granary Square, Kings Cross
www.davidrosenphotography.com: Silhouetted Couple | Seven Sisters, Seaford, Kent
www.davidrosenphotography.com: Seven Sisters Cottages | Seaford, Kent
www.davidrosenphotography.com: Lagoon pool | Jokulsarlon, Iceland
www.davidrosenphotography.com: Bridge North of Vik | Iceland
www.davidrosenphotography.com: Victoria Bridge | London
www.davidrosenphotography.com: Walkie Talkie | London
www.davidrosenphotography.com: Under the Bridge | Valencia, Spain
www.davidrosenphotography.com: 30 Cannon Street | City of London
www.davidrosenphotography.com: Lamppost & Cloud | Valencia Science Park
www.davidrosenphotography.com: Palau De Les Arts | Valencia, Spain
www.davidrosenphotography.com: St Paul's Cathedral
www.davidrosenphotography.com: Thames Barrier | East London
www.davidrosenphotography.com: Thames Barrier | East London
www.davidrosenphotography.com: Fishermen | Nile, Aswan
www.davidrosenphotography.com: Man in temple | Aswan, Egypt
www.davidrosenphotography.com: Boat Moored in reeds by the Nile | Esna, Egypt
www.davidrosenphotography.com: Nile water's edge | Esna, Egypt
www.davidrosenphotography.com: Two Trees | Southern Iceland
www.davidrosenphotography.com: Nile at dawn | Egypt
www.davidrosenphotography.com: Young Boy by River Bank | Aswan, Egypt
www.davidrosenphotography.com: Mosque | Cairo, Egypt
www.davidrosenphotography.com: Market trader | Esna, Egypt