david.hayes77: New Trains......it's started
david.hayes77: The Haloed Sheep
david.hayes77: Making a statement...
david.hayes77: Going green...
david.hayes77: Sweet dreams!
david.hayes77: London Road Tunnel.....
david.hayes77: Magic Box
david.hayes77: Cats and dogs day
david.hayes77: My Beautiful Laundrette
david.hayes77: Riding the curly-wurly
david.hayes77: Stepping up...
david.hayes77: Off Grid?
david.hayes77: Journey through a dark place
david.hayes77: Testing, testing
david.hayes77: Stairway to Tonbridge
david.hayes77: urban vibe II
david.hayes77: A taste of the past
david.hayes77: Making a statement
david.hayes77: Sunday Best
david.hayes77: urban vibe I
david.hayes77: Sir John Betjeman meets Tracey Emin
david.hayes77: Art Deco echo
david.hayes77: Downpour Desiro
david.hayes77: A bit of luxury….
david.hayes77: Summer of '77
david.hayes77: Meadow Lane Crossing Shunting Frame
david.hayes77: Tales from another age
david.hayes77: High Summer - revisited
david.hayes77: Empty promises
david.hayes77: Better still, go First Class