daveseargeant: Social Distancing
daveseargeant: Museum of the Moon
daveseargeant: Rochester Castle
daveseargeant: Marble and Nova
daveseargeant: The Kitty
daveseargeant: The Pride Crossing
daveseargeant: I'm so grand
daveseargeant: Miss Gurn
daveseargeant: Prosecco Christmas
daveseargeant: It's me - Marble
daveseargeant: Happy Christmas
daveseargeant: Volleyball Storm
daveseargeant: Camper Reflection
daveseargeant: Wee Willie Winky
daveseargeant: Raging Bull
daveseargeant: Eddie Lovebus
daveseargeant: Harbour Entrance Sunset
daveseargeant: The Dash Reflection
daveseargeant: The Masked Lady
daveseargeant: Sun reflection
daveseargeant: Whitby Harbour
daveseargeant: Hot under the collar
daveseargeant: Sleepy Head
daveseargeant: Whitby Harbour by Night
daveseargeant: The Admiral Take 2
daveseargeant: Derelict Pier
daveseargeant: The Admiral
daveseargeant: Beach Sunset
daveseargeant: Moody Yorkshire Sky
daveseargeant: Be Kinder