HereInVancouver: Bong Joon Ho, winner: Best Original Screenplay, Best Director, Best International Film, Best Film 2020, for "Parasite"
HereInVancouver: Have We Been Naughty or Nice? - Fifth Avenue, New York City
HereInVancouver: Sunset Shooter
HereInVancouver: Sometimes, it feels like I'm disappearing...
HereInVancouver: And the World replied, 'Nah....'
HereInVancouver: Imprisoned Sun
HereInVancouver: Building Condom
HereInVancouver: Autumn Again
HereInVancouver: When Art meets an Alleyway
HereInVancouver: Lines, vertical and horizontal
HereInVancouver: Classic in the Rain
HereInVancouver: Sunset Beach
HereInVancouver: Autumn at the Beach
HereInVancouver: Morning Seawall walk, with Cows
HereInVancouver: Potential Customer...?
HereInVancouver: Off the Ground
HereInVancouver: Watching the Sunset from the Sand
HereInVancouver: Sunset Selfie
HereInVancouver: Stranger on the Shore
HereInVancouver: And 'POOF!' he disappeared in a cloud of smoke...
HereInVancouver: Dawn at 12,000 feet
HereInVancouver: Balanced Runners
HereInVancouver: Yes to All of This
HereInVancouver: Art Installation, of sorts
HereInVancouver: Freighters in the Fog
HereInVancouver: Closed for the Winter
HereInVancouver: West End Field Trip
HereInVancouver: Director's Tent