HereInVancouver: Bird Feeder
HereInVancouver: Birds of a Feather
HereInVancouver: Thank you for your donation
HereInVancouver: Window Pride
HereInVancouver: Path to the Ocean at Sunset
HereInVancouver: Inside the Tree Branches
HereInVancouver: Followed by Friends
HereInVancouver: Sunset Scooter Group
HereInVancouver: Photographer
HereInVancouver: Airborne
HereInVancouver: A good corner for people-watching
HereInVancouver: Expression
HereInVancouver: Alone at the Beach
HereInVancouver: What?! Leave for a week and they close Stanley Park
HereInVancouver: All the Comforts of Home
HereInVancouver: Returning Home...
HereInVancouver: Earplugs on a Park Bench
HereInVancouver: TWL - Texting While Listening
HereInVancouver: Windy day at the Beach
HereInVancouver: Sunset Memories
HereInVancouver: Classic 1960 Chevy Impala
HereInVancouver: Behind the Wheel, 1960 Chevy Impala
HereInVancouver: Life in the Shadows
HereInVancouver: Sunset over the pool on Second Beach
HereInVancouver: Heading out on a beautiful morning
HereInVancouver: Bonito Flakes on Okonomiyaki, Guu restaurant
HereInVancouver: White Eldorado Convertible