HereInVancouver: Jobs to Avoid...
HereInVancouver: Sunset Shot
HereInVancouver: A Sullen Morning - out the bus window
HereInVancouver: Pony Tail
HereInVancouver: A fine balance
HereInVancouver: Playing for the Geese...
HereInVancouver: Tea Room at Night
HereInVancouver: Sunset Portrait of her Love
HereInVancouver: Sunset Portrait of his Love
HereInVancouver: Foggy Laughter
HereInVancouver: Almost a great family selfie portrait
HereInVancouver: Upside-Down Free-Fall Stall
HereInVancouver: TOS (Texting On Scooter)
HereInVancouver: Call me (maybe)
HereInVancouver: With flowers in her hair
HereInVancouver: Her Wedding Day
HereInVancouver: In his own world
HereInVancouver: Dressed to go see the Fireworks Show
HereInVancouver: Window Washer and Her Two Reflections
HereInVancouver: Beach Shower
HereInVancouver: Squatting in the Sand
HereInVancouver: Sunset Hair
HereInVancouver: Urban Beach Life
HereInVancouver: Solstice Sunset
HereInVancouver: Group Portrait
HereInVancouver: 'Make America Emo Again'
HereInVancouver: Hurrying with Baby
HereInVancouver: Games with Balls at the Beach