George Kurzik: Here's Looking at You!
Tim Ravenscroft: Watery palms
Abeer!: "The sky broke like an egg into full sunset and the water caught fire." - Pamela Hansford Johnson (Explored)
joeri-c: Bald Eagle
Valerio Seveso: Welcome to Mars
miriam ulivi - OFF / ON: petunias, cheerful flowers with a slight scent ....
charhedman: Rain cape
jbarc in BC: Little Flying Jewel
Christina's World :: Happy birthday, America. 1776-2020
marcellociappi: Lampides boeticus
George Kurzik: Green-Eyed Lady
richieJ1: Summer Mist
Doug Santo: Lone Pine Peak
claudiov958: Elders of the Desert
cowgirlrightup: ~The Thunder Rolls~
miriam ulivi - OFF / ON: 6.30 am, sunrise over the sea ...
Ian A Photography: Hectic day...
Elaine Delworth: Little red tailed Bumblebee
Tim Ravenscroft: Studded door, afternoon light
richieJ1: Rhythm Dancers
Ken Mattison: Bricks
George Kurzik: Lost Leaf
Luís Henrique Boucault: Milan and Blue Hour
marcellociappi: DSC_5486
whidom88: The Surfers
arubow4: He couldn't take his eyes off me.