crowt59: Fire and Ice
crowt59: Merc
crowt59: 500 Ervay (Evergreen side)
crowt59: 500 South Ervay Parking
crowt59: Bank of America
crowt59: Lofts
crowt59: Fountain Place Building
crowt59: Massive
crowt59: 3 Different Eras of Dallas Architecture
crowt59: 511 Akard
crowt59: Old Fire Escape
crowt59: Fire Escape
crowt59: Reflection of Dallas Skyscaper
crowt59: Old Dallas Grand Hotel
crowt59: Dallas Grand Hotel
crowt59: Another Vacant Building
crowt59: Old Building by the Court House
crowt59: Building
crowt59: Metropolis
crowt59: Dallas Skyscrapers
crowt59: Where?
crowt59: Parking Garage Breeze Ways
crowt59: Latino Cultural Center
crowt59: Old DP&L building
crowt59: Elm St Reflection
crowt59: Elm St Reflection turned
crowt59: American Beauty Mill Lofts close-up
crowt59: American Beauty Mill Lofts
crowt59: 1900 Block of Main to be Demolished