crowt59: Pegasus (Mobil gas station)
crowt59: Gypsy Tea Room
crowt59: West End Market Place, Dallas, Texas
crowt59: Dallas from pool of water on Elm St.
crowt59: Rebar and Dallas
crowt59: Rebar and Dallas
crowt59: Deep Ellum Rebar
crowt59: Planet Hollywood at the West End
crowt59: Gypsy Tea Room front sign
crowt59: St. Joseph's Academy
crowt59: St. Joseph's Academy Steeple
crowt59: Ferguson Village sign
crowt59: Glo Cleaners at Dusk
crowt59: Coke Building Sign
crowt59: Old Coke Building
crowt59: The Majestic Marquee
crowt59: Sportatoreum
crowt59: Sportatoreum mic table
crowt59: The Sportatoreum Ringside
crowt59: Village Theatre Dallas
crowt59: Dallas City Hall Christmas Lights
crowt59: Trammel Crow Fountain
crowt59: The Crescent Fountain
crowt59: McLendon 3 Theatre
crowt59: Cliff Hanger ride at Fair Park Dallas
crowt59: West End Dallas
crowt59: Old DP&L building
crowt59: The Clearview Club in Deep Ellum
crowt59: Gypsy Tea Room turned
crowt59: Elm St Reflection turned