clementines71: where wood meets water
clementines71: king of the hill
clementines71: new brew brewing
clementines71: above somewhere
clementines71: super clean
clementines71: extra yellow
clementines71: More pink walls please!
clementines71: wall cracks
clementines71: blue Berlin below
clementines71: copper roof patina
clementines71: thank you for a good day, lake boat
clementines71: well wired worship
clementines71: disappointment
clementines71: sunshine in London
clementines71: Frames on a Wall
clementines71: mr. coconut monkey face
clementines71: Kai's acorn display
clementines71: urban fairy
clementines71: door light
clementines71: shadow self portrait
clementines71: Georgetown
clementines71: Glen Echo
clementines71: Charlie's green bottles
clementines71: snow day
clementines71: garden hose
clementines71: Germany