christineperry1: Brown Hare
christineperry1: The Barns of Swaledale
christineperry1: Dent Head Viaduct through November Mists
christineperry1: Squirrel Nutkins
christineperry1: Cotter Force & Cotterdale Beck
christineperry1: Portrait of a Swaledale
christineperry1: Hawes in Autumn (In Explore)
christineperry1: Autumn Reflections
christineperry1: Fairy Shelter
christineperry1: Fruit of the Forest
christineperry1: Follow the yellow brick road
christineperry1: Porcelain Fungus
christineperry1: Autumn in the Woods
christineperry1: Fly Agaric
christineperry1: Somewhere …..
christineperry1: Fly Agarics
christineperry1: Walking Boots or Wellies
christineperry1: After the Rain
christineperry1: Portrait of a Herdwick
christineperry1: Autumnal Coniston
christineperry1: Rusty Old Boat
christineperry1: Deep in the Forest
christineperry1: Bridge over Turbluent Waters
christineperry1: Edible Porcelains
christineperry1: Holyhead Harbour
christineperry1: Keeping Watch
christineperry1: Britannia Bridge, Anglesey
christineperry1: Porcelain Fungus