christineperry1: Freeze Dried
christineperry1: Empty Plughole
christineperry1: English Winter
christineperry1: Late Autumn
christineperry1: Deep in the Forest
christineperry1: Straining/Outlet Tower
christineperry1: Lavender in November
christineperry1: Trio of Hare’s Foot
christineperry1: Kissing Gate
christineperry1: November Buttercup
christineperry1: Awaiting Instruction
christineperry1: Scarlet Waxcap
christineperry1: Blushing November
christineperry1: Over the Bridge & through the Gate
christineperry1: Cloud over Whernside
christineperry1: Autumn on the Lake
christineperry1: Gateway to The Bay
christineperry1: The Way the Wind Blows
christineperry1: Greylag on the Runway
christineperry1: Logging Train
christineperry1: Gayle Beck - Hawes
christineperry1: Autumn of it’s Years
christineperry1: Gateway to Humphrey Head
christineperry1: Glistening Inkcaps
christineperry1: Armistice Day
christineperry1: Golden Waxcap
christineperry1: Aysgill Force
christineperry1: Scarlet Waxcap
christineperry1: Across the Bay
christineperry1: Autumn Rainbow