rockchanky: Homeless cat on the riverbed, Fukuoka, Japan
rockchanky: Male House Finch at garden, California
rockchanky: In the park on a winter morning, Los Angeles, California
rockchanky: California State route 19 at Rosemead, California
rockchanky: A white crowned sparrow in the park on a cold morning, California
rockchanky: Friendly dog Gonta(ゴン太)California
rockchanky: Lonely homeless cat in the back street, Fukuoka, Japan
rockchanky: Good old 1800's Japanese ryokan inn(旅館)Nagano, Japan
rockchanky: Wall of 19 century samurai resident, tsuwano, Japan
rockchanky: Narcissus (水仙の花)
rockchanky: Tear lily (鈴蘭すずらん)
rockchanky: A Cormorant resting in a pond at dusk, California
rockchanky: Camellia Japonica at LA county Arboretum, California
rockchanky: At Los Angeles County Arboretum, California
rockchanky: High voltage line towers along with San Gabriel River, Los Angeles County, California
rockchanky: Fukuoka Airport International Terminal, Fukuoka, Japan
rockchanky: At the park, Los Angeles, California
rockchanky: Los Angeles at sunset, California
rockchanky: Old udon noodle restaurant established sixty years ago, Fukuoka, Japan
rockchanky: Sun and contrail, Southern California
rockchanky: High voltage line towers and oil wells in cloudy sky, Los Angeles
rockchanky: Nineteenth century samurai resident, Tsuwano, Shimane, Japan
rockchanky: THe sun goes down, Fukuoka, Japan
rockchanky: High voltage power line towers along the Los Angeles River, California
rockchanky: Before dawn, Southern California
rockchanky: Nyanko the cat(にゃん子)
rockchanky: Torajiro (寅次郎)the cat
rockchanky: JR Nara Line at Tofukuji Temple Station, Kyoto, Japan
rockchanky: Hokuriku Shinkansen at Nagano Station, Nagano, Japan
rockchanky: Gonta the dog(ゴン太)