MelindaChan ^..^: Everytime I go away... I take a piece of U with me...
MelindaChan ^..^: Malay gooseberry fruit
MelindaChan ^..^: Green Tangerines
MelindaChan ^..^: Purple yam leaves
MelindaChan ^..^: Purple heart (Yam leaves)
MelindaChan ^..^: Green yam leaves
MelindaChan ^..^: Pineapple
MelindaChan ^..^: Pineapple
MelindaChan ^..^: Butter fruit
MelindaChan ^..^: Flower of Pitaya 火龍果花 (HBW)
MelindaChan ^..^: Durian bars in the fridge (very yummy)
MelindaChan ^..^: Happy Independence day to my Malaysian friends ^_^
MelindaChan ^..^: Christ Church
MelindaChan ^..^: Happy Sunday!! ^_^
MelindaChan ^..^: Symbol of Melaka
MelindaChan ^..^: Friendly smile Policeman
MelindaChan ^..^: Let s enjoy Cendol