rootcrop54: We meet.
rootcrop54: Via Nazionale Cat
rootcrop54: the approach
rootcrop54: our window
rootcrop54: doves in the magnolia
rootcrop54: The entrance
rootcrop54: catfriendly
rootcrop54: foyer
rootcrop54: foyer1
rootcrop54: stairway
rootcrop54: woe is me
rootcrop54: cat buddy
rootcrop54: black cat buddy
rootcrop54: apartment's garden
rootcrop54: After all... I'm me.
rootcrop54: view from our window to the garden, & alley below
rootcrop54: Me, with camera
rootcrop54: Bella Signora
rootcrop54: Bella Signora takes in some rays
rootcrop54: first sun
rootcrop54: white bench
rootcrop54: rain on the way
rootcrop54: Uphill Climb
rootcrop54: for all the lonely glasses
rootcrop54: succulent row
rootcrop54: a chance encounter on a walk in Cortona
rootcrop54: on the walk to Civita
rootcrop54: Cats in Civita di Bagnoregio
rootcrop54: kitten in Civita di Bagnoregio
rootcrop54: Civita di Bagnoregio