www.capturesintime.co.uk: Wet feet to get to a wet seat
www.capturesintime.co.uk: Anglesey Barracks
www.capturesintime.co.uk: Finally I can paint!
www.capturesintime.co.uk: Jostling For Position
www.capturesintime.co.uk: The Tidal Pool
www.capturesintime.co.uk: Seacliff Squared
www.capturesintime.co.uk: “Locked up”
www.capturesintime.co.uk: Penmon Point Light
www.capturesintime.co.uk: Drifting In Shadows
www.capturesintime.co.uk: The Speeding Butcher
www.capturesintime.co.uk: Tryfan Squared
www.capturesintime.co.uk: Left Light Bright
www.capturesintime.co.uk: Stuck In The Middle
www.capturesintime.co.uk: Diorwic - I Nearly Never!
www.capturesintime.co.uk: Flying 33 form Project X
www.capturesintime.co.uk: Llanddwyn Movements
www.capturesintime.co.uk: Legends In The Rain
www.capturesintime.co.uk: Emerging Light
www.capturesintime.co.uk: Head in the Clouds
www.capturesintime.co.uk: Showers Immanent
www.capturesintime.co.uk: “Llyne Peris Reservoir”
www.capturesintime.co.uk: How the mighty have fallen!
www.capturesintime.co.uk: Strangers On The Shore II