p.mathias: St. Ansgar's Cathedral, Copenhagen
Robby Virus: Cooksey Appliance, Park, KS
Kellsboro: Amsterdam
lenstewartMX: Fish tacos. Mulegé, MX
iLOVEnature's Photography Inspiration: Jackson Lake, Grand Teton National Park *A Beautiful Nature*
Robby Virus: St. Michael's Catholic Church, Collyer, KS
Robby Virus: Pontiac Bar and Grill, Collyer, KS
Sorin Popovich: Fondamenta de la Misericordia, Venezia
Sorin Popovich: Ponte dei Muti, sul Rio dei Muti
sniggie: ‘Trust in me,’ he said
marc.barrot: Nice Day in Three Mills Residential Moorings
Sorin Popovich: The Spanish Steps, Rome
Mick L.: Backside of Mixed Industrial-Housing Area
Fabian Fortmann: Alpine Lake
Fabian Fortmann: Pearl of Normandie
Ratsam75: Lutheran Church
sniggie: Inner Harbor lights
find myself a city / 1001 Afternoons: improvements coming soon (Jackson Park comfort station)
Mercer52: 518 S. Cicero (formerly 48th St), Chicago. Formerly the Ideal Theatre, built in 1912.
rixpix6: Merced River in Yosemite Valley (Explored 3/24/23)
sniggie: Lafayette trots through Baltimore
michael-otto-foto: reflection
michael-otto-foto: Lindos view
Kellsboro: Paris
Kellsboro: Paris
michaelgordon1968: Old City Square in Torun
Mick L.: Beujena's French Table
Robby Virus: Schermerhorn & Lang Building, WIlson, KS
Björn Hempel: On the way on lake Attersee
Björn Hempel: Dumbo - Manhattan Bridge View