bootpainter: vintage books
bootpainter: the view from my place.
bootpainter: composition with capsicum
bootpainter: Interruptus
bootpainter: more puddles reflecting sky.
bootpainter: very friendly pup at Söderberg
bootpainter: Strong sunshine at Söderberg
bootpainter: Not On The Beach
bootpainter: Gormley figure after Ciara
bootpainter: Gormley figure after a stormy day
bootpainter: Slippery when wet
bootpainter: dapper guy, an actor, c.1930s
bootpainter: Another young man in a kimono, c.1920s
bootpainter: Serious and handsome young man in a kimono, c.1920s
bootpainter: Young soldiers at a Shinto shrine, c.1920s
bootpainter: Father and son ?
bootpainter: Two young men in Yukatas, c. 1920s
bootpainter: Oor Wullie/Help Ma Boab!
bootpainter: Snowdrops above eye level
bootpainter: On the cover of today's Times
bootpainter: buried or unearthed?
bootpainter: composition with hole in the road
bootpainter: At Söderberg today
bootpainter: Sicilian Cookies- the last few of a batch
bootpainter: Empty, crushed Irn Bru bottle
bootpainter: New Moon, 28th January 2020
bootpainter: Optician's window
bootpainter: looking up Leslie Place
bootpainter: Tree Shadows
bootpainter: dropped pencil