bootpainter: the name of the rose
bootpainter: another close up
bootpainter: close view of signature
bootpainter: signed blank wall
bootpainter: Gormley statue , masked and gloved.
bootpainter: fallen blossom
bootpainter: Young woman with artificial frangipane blossom hair ornament
bootpainter: water and glass and metal
bootpainter: Andrew delivering a box to Vino
bootpainter: Chives in the back garden
bootpainter: more chives
bootpainter: purple clematis
bootpainter: Welcome to the centre of clematis
bootpainter: chalked message from one little girl to another
bootpainter: Sunday the pretty whippet
bootpainter: cascade of langoustines in the fishmongers' window
bootpainter: stamens etc. inside tulip, outside Waitrose
bootpainter: this book jumped the queue
bootpainter: quote inside Conversations With Friends
bootpainter: elegant little flowers on a succulent
bootpainter: Close up flower on a shrub
bootpainter: flowers on a shrub
bootpainter: two books I have begun reading.
bootpainter: still working on this when we can.
bootpainter: pretty puppy
bootpainter: pretty puppy #2
bootpainter: Off-white dress in a charity shop window
bootpainter: What I need is to be able to go inside, pick out some tubes of paint, and say hello to Tom
bootpainter: In the window of a jewellery designer's shop