Blackheartpicture: CityLights
Blackheartpicture: flight home of the petrels
Blackheartpicture: The River Tower
Blackheartpicture: Waiting for the Tide
Blackheartpicture: city birds
Blackheartpicture: somewhere, sometime
Blackheartpicture: up-up into the light
Blackheartpicture: On secret Paths
Blackheartpicture: The Forest- The Place of Dreams, of Fantasy
Blackheartpicture: silent contemplation
Blackheartpicture: ...and Bruno is waiting in the light
Blackheartpicture: ...and Bruno is waiting in the light...
Blackheartpicture: The Window
Blackheartpicture: the day goes...
Blackheartpicture: The Raven knows the Way! All Routes !
Blackheartpicture: and the day ends, with the last deep rays of the setting sun.
Blackheartpicture: Home is where your Heart is!
Blackheartpicture: In the DARKNESS!!!
Blackheartpicture: Follow-Follow your dream!
Blackheartpicture: steel, glass, shine II
Blackheartpicture: steel, glass, shine
Blackheartpicture: on days like these...
Blackheartpicture: GO! Into the Light.
Blackheartpicture: 9:30 a.m. in the past
Blackheartpicture: Follow your Dream
Blackheartpicture: Silent Moment
Blackheartpicture: Somewhere-Sometime