bemeup99: Do you want a hair cut?
bemeup99: The firewood is cheap here.
bemeup99: These are delicious
bemeup99: Going to the market.
bemeup99: Tourist at U Bein's Bridge.
bemeup99: I have worked on this river all my life.
bemeup99: I sell phone cards.
bemeup99: I'm a taxi driver.
bemeup99: I pray here every day
bemeup99: Where are we going?
bemeup99: Time to eat!
bemeup99: Snake oil and other necessities..
bemeup99: Good choice!
bemeup99: I am from Langmusi
bemeup99: I am from Tagong.
bemeup99: We are harvesting cane.
bemeup99: These are the best steam buns.
bemeup99: I like this one!
bemeup99: We shouldn't eat meat.
bemeup99: I am an old warrior of Tangyu village.
bemeup99: This is our ceremonial cup.
bemeup99: I am an old warrior from Longwa Village
bemeup99: Walking home.
bemeup99: Aoling fun and games.
bemeup99: Young Konyak women.
bemeup99: Young Konyaks
bemeup99: I am watching the Aoling festival.
bemeup99: Local produce for sale.
bemeup99: Keeping order.
bemeup99: At Ani gompa Nunnery