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bek_the_sur: Pandemic
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bek_the_sur: My Quarantine Muse
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bek_the_sur: Bird Art
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bek_the_sur: Mumbai under Covid-19
bek_the_sur: Corona Diaries: April 4, 2020. Mumbai. Day 11 National lockdown, Day 20 self-quarantine & social distancing. I had to urgently go buy some extra groceries that I couldn't find a couple of days ago. I noticed that there were a lot more people outside bu
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bek_the_sur: Shopping doesn't feel the same these days (Corona Diaries)
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bek_the_sur: Passing Time during the Corona lockdown
bek_the_sur: Mumbai (25/03/20) - Social Distancing gone Wrong
bek_the_sur: Stay home
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bek_the_sur: Mangalore (2020)
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bek_the_sur: Theyyam (2020)
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bek_the_sur: In the train
bek_the_sur: Mumbai