the-photon-trap: waiting
the-photon-trap: little legs
the-photon-trap: 271207 airborne
the-photon-trap: 241207 at the local
the-photon-trap: 131207 sniffin' the breeze
the-photon-trap: 101207 the stare
the-photon-trap: watching the...
the-photon-trap: 301007 long grass
the-photon-trap: 071007 on the run
the-photon-trap: 200607 stick chaser
the-photon-trap: 140507 in-flight ball retrieval
the-photon-trap: 150407 leaping shadow
the-photon-trap: black dog
the-photon-trap: 210107 intense
the-photon-trap: 140107 black flash
the-photon-trap: ash and dust
the-photon-trap: 060/365 digger
the-photon-trap: 153/365 patience