the-photon-trap: 110407 deer departed
the-photon-trap: 030407 full moon feeding
the-photon-trap: yellow tag
the-photon-trap: 290307 watching, waiting
the-photon-trap: 230307 the sheep await
the-photon-trap: this little piggy....
the-photon-trap: 080207 dark dawn grouping
the-photon-trap: 090107 hopalong
the-photon-trap: tiger snake
the-photon-trap: 060107 going up
the-photon-trap: rock lizard
the-photon-trap: landing
the-photon-trap: evening wombat
the-photon-trap: frog ballet
the-photon-trap: possum
the-photon-trap: wombat
the-photon-trap: freedom
the-photon-trap: the lineup
the-photon-trap: breath in
the-photon-trap: away, away
the-photon-trap: i dream of pollen 17/365
the-photon-trap: a framed friend 36/365
the-photon-trap: light horseman 52/365
the-photon-trap: mrs morelia spilota
the-photon-trap: kangaroo frog 90/365
the-photon-trap: the house of wool
the-photon-trap: the easy life...