astrothad: Waxing gibbous moon - 2020-11-23 0245 UT
astrothad: The Blue Snowballl Nebula (NGC 7662)
astrothad: Orion's Belt and the Great Orion Nebula (with C/2020 M3)
astrothad: Seyfert galaxy M77 and NGC 1055
astrothad: The Flaming Star Nebula (C31 or IC 405) in RGBHα
astrothad: Jupiter, Io, Io's shadow, and Ganymede - 2020-09-23 0439 UT
astrothad: The Triangulum Galaxy (M33) in RGBHa
astrothad: Saturn, 2020-07-16 0832 UT
astrothad: Jupiter and Ganymede, 2020-09-02 0422 UT
astrothad: Waning gibbous terminator, change over 160 minutes
astrothad: Waning gibbous moon - 16.2 days old
astrothad: The Orion Nebula (M42 and M43) and the Running Man Nebula (NGC 1977)
astrothad: Time lapse during the Perseid meteor shower
astrothad: Perseid meteor over my house
astrothad: M6, star cluster in Scorpius (narrowband)
astrothad: All I see are stars
astrothad: Jupiter and Saturn, as Earth rotates
astrothad: Comet NEOWISE (C/2020 F3) amidst the Sugar Pines
astrothad: Barnard 343, a dark molecular cloud in Cygnus, in RGBHα
astrothad: Jupiter, 2020-07-16 0627 UT
astrothad: Comet NEOWISE (C/2020 F3), 2020-07-17
astrothad: Comet NEOWISE in the Clutches of the Great Bear
astrothad: Comet NEOWISE (C/2020 F3) on the morning of 2020-07-12
astrothad: The Eagle Nebula (M16) in RGBHα
astrothad: The Crescent Nebula (NGC 6888) in RGBHα
astrothad: The Sunflower Galaxy (M63) in RGBHα
astrothad: M106 and neighboring galaxies, some Hα added
astrothad: Lagoon Nebula (M8) - greyscale version from PixInsight
astrothad: M17 - greyscale version from PixInsight
astrothad: M17 (emission nebula in Sagittarius) in narrowband