judith.kuhn: two one a branch
Ania Tuzel Photography: Moment of Tenderness
colinstone1: Never tire of Kingfisher opportunities
marylee.agnew: Contemplating The Universe (part two)
jeanmical: " Listening to the endless murmur of water..."
craigallen1972ice: Full of energy. “Explored”
andywilson1963: Grey Wagtail
Jerry_a: Red Fox Kit
craigallen1972ice: Ghostly. “Explored”
Eric Gofreed: Rufous hummingbirds
Franc Go: Renard roux
John N Hoang: Peregrine Falcon landing
Tomingramphotography.com: American Avocet
Tomingramphotography.com: Allen's Hummingbird
Tomingramphotography.com: Osprey Portrait
Kees499  Nature pics: European Bee Eater fly by
Kees499  Nature pics: Bee eater hovering
Kees499  Nature pics: Ganville fritillary
Kees499  Nature pics: Bee Eater in full flight
Kees499  Nature pics: Yellow Wagtail drooling on the tulips
andywilson1963: Pine Grosbeak Male
Hilary Billinghurst: Striated Heron
Ted Smith 574: The most breathtaking moment as a single group of 39 Purple Herons passed over on migration in just 60 seconds. Here are three of them 😊
Alastair Marsh Photography: Black Necked Grebe
craigallen1972ice: New visitor over the house. “Explored”
Ann and Chris: Marsh Harrier
Ted Smith 574: Wryneck - stunning bird.
Phil Gower Bird Photography: Short-eared Owl (URN: 2387)
China (Jiangsu Taizhou): The long-eared owl (Asio otus)