lada/photo: BL6A2786_Samotny biały żagiel.
lada/photo: BL6A2783_the fleet.
lada/photo: Summers that were...
lada/photo: IMG_7594_the entrance
lada/photo: IMG_7597_Teutonic.
lada/photo: IMG_7598_gated
lada/photo: IMG_0638_ Sharma Astra (AUS)
lada/photo: IMG_7076.Kerber Angelique (GER
lada/photo: IMG_1421._Halep Simona (RUM)
lada/photo: IMG_7583_morning cloud.
lada/photo: IMG_6858_Mount Rushmore Natinal Manument.
lada/photo: IMG_0852_Garcia Caroline (FRA)
lada/photo: IMG_7131_Keys Madison (USA)
lada/photo: IMG_0149.jpg_Kozlova Kateryna (UKR)
lada/photo: IMG_1155_Wang Qiang (CHN)
lada/photo: IMG_3526_seems like yesterday. EXPLORE 6/29/20
lada/photo: IMG_2616_what you gone do....
lada/photo: IMG_6896_waving hello or goodby?
lada/photo: IMG_6889_A stage in human evolution.
lada/photo: IMG_6865_should we stay, or should we go?
lada/photo: IMG_1522_one more backhand.
lada/photo: almost there.
lada/photo: IMG_9860_Sharapova Maria (RUS)
lada/photo: IMG_0021_ray of hope.
lada/photo: IMG_9838_Potapova Anastasia (RUS)
lada/photo: IMG_1434_Thanks for the memories.
lada/photo: IMG_7551_just more clouds on the horizon.
lada/photo: the backhand
lada/photo: puffs.
lada/photo: waiting.