Ronald Douglas Frazier: My Zeppelin models may be my favorite toys. I’m obsessed
Christophe Becker: Streetart encounter - Floyd R.I.P.
hommeparis075: IMG_20200531_161031
Alan46: Sugar Daddy
hommeparis075: IMG_20200510_180431
State Library of New South Wales collection: George William Robert Southern - [photograph modelling for the Health and Physical Culture magazine, 193- ]?
State Library of New South Wales collection: American and Australian soldiers at Townsville, 21 February 1944, photographed by N. Herfort
Darrell Godliman: France - Paris - Montmartre detail
gregos art: My faces on the walls of Los Angeles
Έnder: Rodin encadré
Apollo's Song: April 22 - Earth Day
blackthorne56: Trying a new style.
micky the pixel: colorado 3