custombase: A supper of Smurfberry gateau
custombase: Smurfing the game
custombase: Lucky Smurf
custombase: The Patronus charm
custombase: Smurfing some rays
custombase: Three Smurfs and a baby (I HATE babies! Ahhh)
custombase: Babysmurfing
custombase: Scrub 'a' dub, dub baby Smurfette in the tub
custombase: "Papa Smurf, why does the Village need so many SMURFING babies?"
custombase: Two Smurfs are better than one
custombase: "So, going anywhere Smurfy this year?"
custombase: Original ASSASSIN
custombase: Grass/Poison type
custombase: Ivysaur
custombase: Smurfin is my life
custombase: Night Smurfer
custombase: Let's go Smurfin now
custombase: Laurie Strode
custombase: He will be coming
custombase: That feeling never leaves you
custombase: Tim Drake
custombase: Red Robin
custombase: "Is it much furth..." "YES Brainy it is!"
custombase: "Papa Smurf, Papa Smurf. Is it much further, Papa Smurf?"
custombase: "Is it much further?"
custombase: "Is it much further Papa Smurf?"
custombase: Caged in the forest
custombase: "I think I just Smurfed my pants"
custombase: HELP!