summit-photo: Pure Diesel Fuel
summit-photo: US NPS
summit-photo: MD Garage, Cuyahoga Valley
summit-photo: Pilot Mountain, North Carolina
summit-photo: An Old Rural Service Station (Ohio, USA)
summit-photo: Americana
summit-photo: Snow-Tubing
summit-photo: Kayla, Going for a Ride
summit-photo: Settler's Farmhouse
summit-photo: Cabin in the Woods
summit-photo: Kayla, Kent Ohio
summit-photo: On the Phone
summit-photo: Braeden & Sydni
summit-photo: Faces of the Past; Roman
summit-photo: Let Me Think About It...
summit-photo: Corn Harvester
summit-photo: Fall Harvest, No.1
summit-photo: Fall Harvest, No.2
summit-photo: Angelina
summit-photo: Parker, No.1
summit-photo: Parker, No.2
summit-photo: Ice Ice, Baby
summit-photo: Opera House, 1886
summit-photo: Route 60
summit-photo: No U Turn
summit-photo: An Old Bicycle
summit-photo: Betty Watson
summit-photo: Piggly Wiggly
summit-photo: Burned-Up House