Tranquiligold: Farm in Autumn, Ohio Creek Valley
Tranquiligold: Trout Lake, Colorado
Tranquiligold: Leiden, Netherlands
Tranquiligold: Leiden, Netherlands
Tranquiligold: Peaking Foliage Colors
Tranquiligold: Golden Tunnel
Tranquiligold: High Mesa, San Juan Mountains, Colorado (Explored)
Tranquiligold: Owl Creek Pass in October
Tranquiligold: Quiet Autumn Afternoon
Tranquiligold: Telluride Autumn
Tranquiligold: Dallas Divide Autumn Palette
Tranquiligold: Golden Aspens (Explored)
Tranquiligold: Tunnel to the Autumn
Tranquiligold: Golden Autumn Mirrored in the Crystal Lake
Tranquiligold: Splendid Silverton
Tranquiligold: Red Mountain with Golden Touches
Tranquiligold: Dreamy Alpine Country
Tranquiligold: Palm Beach, Florida (11)
Tranquiligold: Palm Beach, Florida (21)
Tranquiligold: Ohio Creek Decorated in Fall Colors
Tranquiligold: Fall Splendor on the Million Dollar Highway
Tranquiligold: Silverton at the Foothill of San Juan Mountains
Tranquiligold: Twilight Peak Fall Colors
Tranquiligold: Molas Lake in October
Tranquiligold: Autumn Color Reflection
Tranquiligold: Golden Autumn Reflected in Crystal Lake, Colorado
Tranquiligold: Purple in Gold
Tranquiligold: Bear Creek Falls, Colorado
Tranquiligold: A Rainy Autumn
Tranquiligold: Wildflowers and Aspens