my.tx.views: Red Spider Lily
my.tx.views: Saying goodbye to summer
my.tx.views: The Grill Master at work
my.tx.views: The easiness of the market. A scene from Market Square 2018
my.tx.views: Preparing the coals for a evening cookout
my.tx.views: A scene from a park
my.tx.views: August. The start of summer’s dim glow to fall.
my.tx.views: Early morning watering
my.tx.views: VISION
my.tx.views: A reminisce to summertime vacation, the 5:30 kickbacks...we’ll meet again, 2021
my.tx.views: Christmas lights in July
my.tx.views: A hot Sahara evening in full glorious color
my.tx.views: Neon Skimmer
my.tx.views: Neon Skimmer
my.tx.views: Haircut Day
my.tx.views: Haircut Day
my.tx.views: Just looking up
my.tx.views: Enjoying the afternoon