annecoyle: 💚
annecoyle: Beautiful place!
annecoyle: Light and leaves 💚
annecoyle: The last of Summer 😊
annecoyle: So much green! 💚
annecoyle: Amazing tree!
annecoyle: Beauty!
annecoyle: Landenstown Bridge
annecoyle: View from Millennium Bridge.
annecoyle: Landenstown Lock.
annecoyle: Landenstown Bridge.
annecoyle: Digby Bridge in the distance.
annecoyle: Nature
annecoyle: Blessington Lakes
annecoyle: Dunmore East Cliff Walk
annecoyle: Tramore...view from the beach.
annecoyle: A fine specimen! 💚
annecoyle: Peace 💚
annecoyle: Drying off after a dip in the crazy golf pond! 😁
annecoyle: Waterford seagull 😁
annecoyle: Waterford Greenway
annecoyle: Tramore, Co.Waterford
annecoyle: Waterford
annecoyle: Dunmore East
annecoyle: Beautiful beach ⛱
annecoyle: Beautiful day!
annecoyle: 💚
annecoyle: Shady Lane
annecoyle: Busy bee 🐝
annecoyle: Carbury Castle