Juan Figueirido: Faro do Roncudo
massimodepadova: Vista laterale
Renee's Moment: Sunset at Mono Lake
Léa Jacquet: At the green edge... / Au bord du vert...
Marc Hanauer: Bruges
BKFofOF: Chapel St. Maria
Efrén SL: Centro Niemeyer...
CJS*64: Alicante !
Panafloma: Prêts pour une virée à Lille ?
hovlandperspective: DSCF0640 1
una cierta mirada: Salida al mar
shaunyoung365: Svalbard Mountain Range
Mustafa Selcuk: Panama Hat
Justin Minns: The lone tree
Léa Jacquet: June Hayings ! / Les Foins de Juin !
Renee's Moment: Pfeiffer Beach
"Olivier Jules": Siracusa
darklogan1: The road to spirituality XXVII.
Andrew G Robertson: The Famous Red Roofed Cottage
Juan Figueirido: Varazdin
DMCR7: Defender of the Farm Shed
Andreas Mundt ( roquesgallery ): Kein ganz normales Treppenhaus. ... Not a normal staircase. .
tkimages2011: Castle and Sheep
ximo rosell: Arquitectura XVII / Architecture XVII.
dizbin: still life
Captain Nikon: The Light on the Tyne