recubejim: Waiting for the command to circle the wagons
recubejim: Focused on Food
recubejim: Cute Little Turtle ?
recubejim: Mmmmm.....bugs for breakfast !
recubejim: Escape to the Cool
recubejim: Please pass the Alka Seltzer or "Alice! I want that hookah back!!"
recubejim: RED ADMIRAL, Rough and Ready
recubejim: Not Quai Chang Cane either
recubejim: "...A Galant Knight"
recubejim: Are you flirting with me, Big Boy
recubejim: I believe this photo speaks for itself.
recubejim: Sunflower Seed Thief
recubejim: Flight
recubejim: Invisible
recubejim: Oops!
recubejim: Flexible !
recubejim: "You Can't See Me" (maybe)
recubejim: Run Away
recubejim: "Wait for me, Bro"
recubejim: Jamile, Sit Back, Relax, & Enjoy the Show
recubejim: I hope you were as entertained as that strange dude in the car behind that thing that goes "Click>"
recubejim: PRAY Animal
recubejim: Later a Squirrel Moons Me
recubejim: Jumps for Joy
recubejim: And Flips Me Off
recubejim: Tehehehe Hehe!