recubejim: "Nevermore"
recubejim: The WINGS of RETRIBUTION
recubejim: Alert & Alarm posture
recubejim: Gotta Go, Gotta Go Now!
recubejim: WHEW !!
recubejim: I believe this photo speaks for itself.
recubejim: Warbird ?
recubejim: Says WHO ?
recubejim: Song Sparrow
recubejim: How Should I Know?...Ask the Crow!
recubejim: My Alltime Favorite Feathered Flying Friend
recubejim: The Gray Catbird
recubejim: Tail flicking song singing amigo of mine.
recubejim: Dance and sing: Redwing thing
recubejim: Nevermore !
recubejim: Mmmmm.....bugs for breakfast !
recubejim: accent.
recubejim: French
recubejim: He" farts in our general direction" That is of course in the immortal words of John Cleese, with inappropriate, exaggerated,
recubejim: still departing
recubejim: and departs
recubejim: & departs
recubejim: He Departs
recubejim: Showing his Fearsome talons.....
recubejim: Getting slightly bored....
recubejim: Wadda' you lookin' at Buddy?
recubejim: Big Bird Bokeh
recubejim: For Maddy and Rut and Sofia and and...... now Kirsten Butt especially Mikul!
recubejim: ''Am I Forgetting Something?"
recubejim: Feathery Friday