AnyMotion: Bagan At Blue Hour
Dave Hoefler: A Morning View
Beth Wode Photography: That Wyeba Tree - Explored 17/09/2021 #61
kenny barker: Cosmic man
louisa_catlover: Pultenaea villosa
alainfrere34: Chevalier guignette . Actitis hypoleucos - Common Sandpiper
My Phone Shots: Raindrops on the windshield
Dave Hoefler: A Great Lake
Dave Hoefler: A Self-Portrait
Dave Hoefler: A Path for Walking
Dave Hoefler: Sun and Rock
The Surfin` Chef: Achill 4.40am
matthias.ripp: Pure Beauty
mat56.: la gioia di un tramonto
shimmer5641: Lazuli Bunting / Passerin azuré
sus@: Kapelle
Sappho et amicae: Red sunset
Thelma Gátuzzô: Ruby-topaz Hummingbird
matthias.ripp: Contra
sus@: Naturgewalten
Jeff Lack Wildlife&Nature: DSC2465 Common Tern...
mandokid1: Harlequin lady beetle First test with AK diffuser.
A L Jones1: Poppy detail
lfeng1014: Red Daylily
pixelmama: Flow